12176 E. Luna Lane 

  Mayer, AZ 86333

                    What We DO 

At Spa-Tek we do repairs on printed circuit boards

and Spa controllers ( electronic and mechanical)

We stock almost every component that in used in

a spa controller. All of our replacement parts are

of OEM quality or better. Most made by the same

manufacturer as the OEMs. 

We can repair most printer circuit boards that are damaged do to excessive heat build up. As long as the board had not been damaged too excessively due to fire. Please include a high quality CLEAR picture of your board. One of the front and one of the back. I will be able to tell you if it can be repaired. I have repaired some boards that look terrible but when cleaned up and repaired look almost new. 

We have replacement terminal blocks to replace melted blocks. At Spa-Tek we can do preventative maintance on your repair. This consists of replacing high use components such as heater relay and pump relays. I can provide a quote for this additional service. 

Topside cables that have been damaged by rodents can be replaced or repaired. After the repair has been completed, the affected area is re-coated with a protective sealant that is compatible with the original comformal coating material. This insures the moisture protection is maintained. 

We have a flow station where all functions can be tested under real world conditions. This is especially useful where the problem is intermittent or only shows up after extended time. Each relay and component sees the same current loads that it will see in the spa. 

Very few shops can do this type of real world testing.