We use a Test Sheet to document the tests that we perform. This is kept on file so at any time we can verify the exact tests performed and what repair was done. 

This sheet also documents the cost of the repair. 


12176 E. Luna Lane 

  Mayer, AZ 86333

                                 Who We Are:

I am a retired Electronics Engineer with over 35 years in the industry.

I worked for a number of years for the oldest spa wholesaler in the

industry doing spa board repair. I also do board repairs for other

spa websites. 

Having repaired over 8,000 spa boards and packs I have seen almost every board and pack that has been used in spas. 

I made a decision to offer my services to not only dealers but the spa owners themselves. My pricing is well below what you will pay a dealer and less than what you will find on other websites. I can offer this type of pricing because repair is all I do and I do not have money tied up in a large inventory of new boards and packs. 

                          As I have done for others I can do for you.